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Really good person will help and listen to anyone even if they don’t get along she will always help the needed ones.
She is very nice but don’t want to get on her bad side cause you will loss, and she will win. Short person, if your nice to her she’ll be nice but if you give her attitude she’ll give it back. If she has a problem or she hears someone talk bad about her she WONT stay quite she also very smart mostly at math so you can beat her at that. She’ll NEVER hurt them she’ll be loya but wild, when it comes to relationships she’ll be good and be loyal, good to bring at party’s. She likes sport she would mind being
On a team.Over all she will be nice,funny,sportyish, smart
I would really love to have a Melani in my life or In a relationship
by Girls&boys March 04, 2018
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She’s so fucking sexy and she’s super gorgeous. Such a fucking smart bitch. Always a good vibe with a melani. Nice sometimes. Can be a bitch but a real one though not a fake bitch. Melani is the best person u will ever meet
Melani is a fucking legend
by Legend bro October 29, 2018
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Really great listener and gives good advice, not sexually promiscuous, may be a shopaholic, gets along with just about everybody. Non-stereotypical sorority girl, but just as pretty
I wish I had a Melani in my life!
by nicole botsworth January 28, 2015
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the act of tickling a man's balls whilst licking his nipple.
Last night I got me some fine melani action from this babe down the street.

Weird man.
by marsipan1111 February 21, 2011
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is girl who is in madly in LOVE joel she is married to him and has 5 kids
"i am a melani i am in love with joel
by bootylicious 2003 April 16, 2018
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