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tha realest chick youll ever meet! down to earth, sporty and fine af wit big booty! she'd rather talk about tha basketball game wid a boy than go aound window shoppin wit bitches! always tells tha truths no matter what and never backs down from no one. she is also quick to body a nigga some come steppin tha wrong and u just might get handled :I. she is also a beast at dancin and lovessssss rap music and is a hella good video game player.
Boy #1: "Damn, look at Meka"
Boy #2: "Yeaa, Id rather have her as a girlfriend any day rather than being here stuck with Nicole"
Nicole: "Baby, I want you to come with me to pick out a new outfit and some shoes"
Boy #2: "Fackkk."
by YuunqSimbaa August 18, 2011
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Meka: tough white girl who runs things. Wild, crazy, take no shit attitude with fire in her soul! A spirit that won't be easily tamed. Usually has beautiful eyes (blue or brown) and longish, great hair. Often found with tattoos or piercings. Tends to be curvy with great breasts. Mid height. Often caught wearing jeans and boots with a t-shirt that accentuates her goods. Usually has a ton of "guy friends" and has dated at least one bass player that ended badly. Get the chance: put a ring on it, this girl will drive you mad the rest of your life and you will enjoy every minute of it.
That girl Meka, she's crazy!
by justrollwithit October 03, 2014
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An abbreviation for a Korean Military unit. Standing for; Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army.

Originally a Korean drone unit in response to the "Gwisin." After many failed attempts at defeating the Gwisin, and the compromisation of the unit; the Korean government began using pilots. Recruiting military commanders and a few famous Korean gamers such as Hana Song aka "", and Kyung-soo Han aka "King."
"M.E.K.A activate."
by D0ntPan1c December 06, 2018
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Also known as Meek Meek, Meek, Timeka

Rachet woman, known to have various men simultaneously, for money and sex. Typically 'ghetto' golddigger. Uses manipulative notions to get ahead in life. Freeloader , who needs others to carry her everyday bills.
Yo, you seen that woman up around Newtown? She Meka, she got this old dude Brian paying her bills, but living in that dude Bryan house. And got some old other man buying her wig. That's Meek Meek for you.
by KittyKatVAB November 09, 2013
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An STD infected cum guzzling gutter skut with an usual appetite for cock. Usually pudgy with blonde hair and blue eyes, resembling a cow. Known to have multiple partners, and changes style to fit partner of the moment. Defining characteristic include: compulsive liar, fake, unfaithful, addict, groupie, thief, septum piercing, gages, pepperoni nipples and loose vagina.
That girl was such a slut, her name must have been Meka! She was so loose, it reminded me of a Meka.
by TMRMW June 04, 2011
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