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An incredibly sweet, and gorgeous Indian girl who isn't afraid of being expressive or being vulnerable to new people. She's a natural born leader who makes sure everyone feels included and knows how to keep harmony within the group. Mehak's are courageous and never shrink in the presence of a threat and always speak for themselves so make sure you do your research if you don't want to be proven wrong. They also value the love of family and friends and also expect the same attention that they show in return. They are also known as social butterflies who have no problem fitting in with various other groups because of their vast interests in multiple areas since they are obviously known as the life of the party. Not only do they have a strong belief with their faith, but they also stand for equality and justice. Along with their love of reading and other creative hobbies, Mehak's love to learn and will continue to be lifelong learners by experiencing life for what it has to give. Mehak's are super cute, lovable, smart, amazing, hilarious, etc. people to know. Try to find your own you'll see!
Person #1: Wait who's that girl?
Person #2: Ohh her? That's Mehak she's so nice you should talk to her

Person#1: But what if she doesn't like me?
Person#2: Trust me she's the best person to be friends with you'll love her
by Whattababe951 August 31, 2017
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mehak - the state of being when you cant control anything and your super hyper and blurt out things and all you wanna do is talk
example: when somone would not shut up for 15 minutes: ur acting so mehakky!
by Mehak July 26, 2006
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Mehak is the type of girl that seems rude but isn’t. If you don’t know her she’ll look and maybe seem rude but she is such a funny person. She’ll make you laugh so much. She’ll never play you or be fake to you. She’ll always be a thoughtful person and give you everything she can give.
N/A - why’re you laughing so much

Them- it something mehak said!
by Coolcookie728 October 13, 2018
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Mehak is a very rare species. They are Chindi to the core by nature. They TRY to engage in productive work all the time. Their mode of transport is usually Buses. They love music and and talk about music events all the time. They enjoy any thing that comes FREE.
If you see a girl calling an Audi a BMW it is Mehak.
If you see a girl ordering the cheapest dish on the Menu it is Mehak.
If you see a girl having JUST 5-6 glasses of water at a restaurant it is Mehak.
by up_side_down November 27, 2011
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A hoe. Loves keeping her mouth open for opportunities. Loves spreading rumours. Disloyal and dishonest. Queen of social media but serf of reality Salty in nature.

Sentsence: she lied to me, she's such a Mehak.
by Capchavapcha June 27, 2017
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