A word commonly used on the internet. (though sometimes heard in casual conversation) It's a way of saying "whatever, so-so, eh, alright, ok etc."
"How was your weekend?"

"Meh... Didn't do much."
by JessikaBee January 21, 2008
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1.A word used to break up witha girlfriend.
2. A word used to describe an emotion.
3. a word used to replace any word in a sentence
4. a word used if you don't know what to say if someone asks you a question.

1. Girl: Listen we can't do this anymore
Boy: Mehh
2. Guy: hey dude how you feeling?
Guy#2: Meh
3. Dude i totally mehhed her last meh, it was freaking meh.
4. teacher: excuse me Boy#1 Were is your homework?
Boy#1: Meh
by Derek Maruca November 19, 2007
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when sammy doesn't know what to answer on question: "What's on your mind?"
what's on your mind?
sammy: "meh.."
by d4w15 December 26, 2009
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Shorter version of 'I don't give a shit' or 'Whatever you just said doesn't interest me'.
John: My grandpa passed away today.

Andy: Meh.


John: I want you to inherit my mansion and all my money when I die.

Andy: Meh.

John: Fuck You.
by Sponduli October 17, 2009
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There are two.
1. The word equivalent to a shrug
2. The word you use when you are in a bad mood and you want to be alone.
Hey Cory, want to know what's for dinner?" "Meh
by Catsoup June 10, 2010
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A word explaining relative indifference towards a situation or noun, first uttered by the heroic genius Miles of Northwood, founder of the church of Meh... Later to be known as the King of Meh... And Maz just needs to accept this
Maz: Oh my god the frickin lift has just conked out
Miles: Meh
by king of meh April 22, 2010
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Fucking annoying, the most worthless word that there ever is.
Hey Ramzi can you take out the trash?

Hey Ramzi, do you like girls?
by Worthless Person May 06, 2007
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