To hold a shit in for 24 hours after it originally wants to come out. The resulting pleasure from clenching your cheeks for a day before releasing makes it so much better.
Thompson really needed to do a poo poo but realised that if he megaplexed he would thank himself later
by Hman November 12, 2006
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I gave up dating Caucasian women in favor of foriegn-born Asians, American women all have a megaplex.
by nilpferd August 11, 2003
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Girl #1: "Let's go talk to Phantom of the Megaplex."
Girl #2: "No no, he's Kathleen's."
by Sarah Lee Simmons October 12, 2008
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obviously not so smart guy on a rad disney channel movie who will try to sabatoge you to get attention
The phantom of the megaplex will pwn your ass if you go to the movies.
by eep. October 16, 2006
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