13 definitions by nilpferd

An event brought on if you gesticulate, fellate, titillate or agitate near your prostate.
Nilpferd found it easier to ejaculate with the assistance of a trained professional.
by nilpferd July 19, 2003
Nineteenth century British Army slang for "ugly bugger", used to describe the natives of the Sudan.
Viceroy Wellpointe viewed the ooga booga he was to bed tonight and rather wished he was in Dar es Salaam where the local trollops were much more to his liking.
by nilpferd July 20, 2003
Ein Rank in der nationalen sozialistischen Partei zwischen Poobah und Zauberer.
Herr Bubba Bodine wurde zum Klugle gefordert.
by nilpferd July 30, 2003
A position in the KKK marching band in the wind section. The klugle plays the flugelhorn, an instrument similar to a cornet.
Maynard used to be First Klugle in the Arkadelphia KKK marching band but as the result of a big Hebrew conspiracy was dismissed for playing a kornet instead of a flugelhorn.
by nilpferd July 28, 2003
"The square root of 'gross' is 'dozen', said Mr Dovetonsils cleverly.
by nilpferd August 11, 2003