A highly addicting avatar website made for people ages 13-18. Many of the users are over 18 years of age, though. It lets you make a 3D avatar, totally customize it, animate it, and add a background. Then you can go to a 3D virtual world, or use their forums. The forums are filled with plenty of n00bs, moderators, and regs. It has recently added censors, and made the site more n00b-friendly. Even though it appeals to sceenies, gangstas, and other n00bish trolls, it is still a very addicting site that is almost impossible to leave.
An example of a Meez avatar.
by PurpleCarrots August 26, 2008
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An online game, where you make a 3D you.
It's not very addicting, but when you have nothing else to do, it fills up time.
Most of them are filled with scenester posers and such.
Most meez where awkward clothing you'd never wear in real life.
images.meez.com/user/1/8/7/6/4/0/7 /3/18764073_bodyshot_300x400.gif
by Lucylupe910 July 3, 2009
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An extremely addicting virtual world where you can customize your avatar, make friends, watch videos and listen to music. It's also a place for desperate underaged girls/guys to find a date. There are also a lot of mean VIPs and soup-can labelers. People also use the term "poof" meaning leaving. Meezers usually dress up their avatars in a weird way that no one would dress like in real life.
Noob: (standing next to vip) Hey baby what's up?
Mean vip: Uhm... >_> *poof*
Normal person: ello. how're you?
Normal person #2: fine, you?
Normal person: just chilling in meez
by dionysusunderpants May 30, 2012
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To express a feeling when overwhelmed with surprise or sudden wonder. When something is Startlingly impressive.
It can only be used when the mood is right.
hey meeps... we just got free tickets to the movies..
oh meezing!
by meepies April 8, 2013
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An online site with 3D animated avatars. They can dance and have pets. W00t!

Ultimate time-waster.
No more dolls. Show me your Meez!
by mooka September 18, 2006
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an extremely fried person who loves a morning cone. Will marry a person called mezzette. Loves red wine and is extremly tank. Likes to grow long hair generally has brown hair. Loves drugs especially when having a shower. Is awesome and fried.

Also a really large cone.
oi check out meez he is so fried.
Oi lets have a meez cone.
by pinger lady April 19, 2011
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To belittle or undermine or to treat an individual with distain in interpersonal or group settings either through verbal or overt actions.
Don't meeze me coz I'm a Jozi Thundercat and one of the cool kids.
by CiciJnr August 24, 2012
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