A game in Roblox so bright and colorful that you will instantly get a seizure.
Robloxian: I wanna try this MeepCity game. (plays)
Robloxian: (gets seizure)
by Mister Felly September 3, 2019
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A Roblox game made by alexnewtron whose purpose was to be a kids game. People would often laugh at those who would play this game because its fanbase used to consist of young kids.
Then, on 2017, thats when the game began deteriorating into absolute hell.
Thats when these stupid little roblox cnps deadass brains thought to use the parties tab as a way to have inappropiate parties where these traumatized kids would get horny af on a kid lego game, not to mention it racked up 75k - 100k active users daily being one of the most popular games. The parties also had a circus-like tent which shows that they are the clowns on a circus, the ones that actually made good parties are the audience watching down the hole of cnps, although the show itself most definetly sucked.
And what did alexnewtron do? Nothing of course. He just left the game out for 5 fucking years because he knew that that was his new fanbase so he would stick with it so he could get more profit out of his game. He banned people for spamming and not for sex parties.
This went on for long enough until Roblox itself took it down and put it under review and thats when alexnewtron was like "oh fuck they noticed i need to remove parties or i will get banned" so parties finally got removed. As of writing this there might be a few kids, the braindead ones or normal ones whining about parties removal if you join MeepCity now.
Before 2017:
Guy 1: Hey do you play MeepCity?
Guy 2: Yeah.

2017 - 2022:
Guy 1: Do you know the game MeepCity?
Guy 2: Yeah,it makes me want to stab my eyes with shards of glass and jump up the closest tall cliff to how absolutely horrendous the community is.

After parties removal:
horny CNP: bro y did parties get removed this update is so stupid

by warp_d February 20, 2022
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A game in in roblox where people can online date and have sex and uh uh uh.
Lets go to MeepCity. I like to uh uh uh.
by DictionaryGuy5000 November 23, 2020
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MeepCity:Roblox game where 9 year olds get even more retarded
Stoopid random guy:hey my son was playin roblox!
smartass guy:wot game?
stoopid random guy:meepcity
smartass guy left the chat
by TotallyNotALongNameWastingTime November 24, 2018
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A game for online daters. Don't play it, you'll die. If you wanna die, go play it.
MeepCity be like:
Person 1 "Hey, wanna date?"
Person 2 "No, WTF are you talking about, 0der,"
by Vestage January 27, 2021
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the home of stupid 9 yr old online daters
Person 1- Meepcity is the best game ever!!!!!
Person 2- EWWW gross. do you know that game is full of online daters?
by mvyb October 8, 2020
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The game meepcity is the first to hit 1 billion players on the game roblox
Meepcity is a game to have fun and role play

Some people called c&p and slenders and orders ruined it
There’s still some hope we can get old roblox back
Friend 1: so what do you want to play now?
Friend 2: hmm maybe meepcity
Friend 1: Ok!
by Ilovegalaxyslol January 5, 2021
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