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A meemoo is actually a mythological creature who once roamed the lands before the dinosaurs. Meemoo's were once about 8 and a half feet tall, with the body of a llama, the head of a deer, spider legs, dandelions for ears, angel wings and they wore bowling shoes.

Although Meemoo's are long extinct, they can be brought back from extinction under the conditions that Chuck Norris and The Techno Viking engage in an epic fight to the death, so long as The Techno Viking wins.

Meemoo's were extremely dumb creatures, with an estimated IQ of a 6 month old human infant. Although they were so large in size, (about the size of a small elephant)they would intentionally nest in the smallest places they could possibly find. Sometimes, they'd cram about 13 of them in one tiny palm-tree, making very strange gibberish noises as other preadators passed by them.

Meemoo's were the best hunters in the land at one point in time. They had a very strong suction-cup mouths and extremely long tounges, often suffacating or drowning their prey.
Hey man, what's your favorite mythological creature?
Defiently a MeeMoo!
by SandsBoi December 10, 2010
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Lover #1: "Mee Moo!!!!!"
Lover #2: "Mee Moo!!!!!"
by Elizabeth November 28, 2003
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Meemoos are small, furry creatures which live in your walls. Lots of hair, big teeth, voracious appetites. You can hear them scratching around in there, often getting up to little or no good. They pull things into the walls and eat them in there; things such as, but in no way limited to, cupcakes, mailmen, and cats.
"Where did my mf'n cupcakes go? Goodnight! The meemoos are at it again!"
by meemologist May 07, 2006
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Calling someone a dumb-ass cow in a cute way to soften the blow.
"Look at my little meemoo!"

"My dog is such a meemoo sometimes.."
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by Heart eater June 24, 2016
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1) to throw a pity party for oneself

2) to vain pity in someone elses direction - ie. I don't really feel sorry for you
1) My beer is warm, mee-moo

2) Billy: "Nothing has gone right for me today and now this d-bag behind the counter gives me cold nacho cheese"
Lori: "Mee-moo Billy, mee-fucking-moo"
by Gr8 Big Sea June 12, 2008
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A word used in the same context as "mother".
A word used in the same context as "my".
Dude I blasted your meemoo away last night with my awesome sex.
Meemoo dad is coming into town this weekend.
by Dogster2012 June 05, 2010
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