When a man inadequately shakes the drips off of his penis following urination causing his undergarments to adsorb the urine into an expansive dot causing a 'Medallion'

Can also be further classified as a 1 spot 2 spot or 3 spot. Any more than a 3 spot classifies one to have urinated themself.
For the female equivient
After going for a wee Anthonys friends noticed he had medallions on the front of his underpants.
by Lemondries72 April 21, 2020
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Medallion means brutal hero.
No matter what his form or what his power, a Medallion will always rise from the dust with the burning desire to slaughter the evil and protect the good.
by SuperSecretSandwich November 6, 2017
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A Medallion is a middle aged, hard living, caucasian man. They are typically found throughout the southwest and particularly where gambling and smoking in restaurants is legal, i.e.. Tahoe, Vegas, Reno, Tucson, Phoenix. They tend to be badly weathered from the sun and shirtless wherever permitted. Their name comes from the medallions they sport around their necks, usually a memento from one of their favorite gambling towns. These are sometimes accompanied by ridiculous turquoise rings and bracelets. Medallions are all chain smokers (meth, cigarettes, crack, carpet) and heavy drinkers (thunderbird, malt liquor, box wine, everclear, paint thinner)
" I can't park at the meter, I gave that Medallion at the 7/11 all my change!"
by Coates45 April 28, 2009
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a fairly large, silver chain..used in ghetto gangs containing black people with bandanas. a must have in gangs.
Nell'ys number 1 medallion
Ruff Ryders medallion
by Mike Cassidy May 8, 2003
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Noun: while pooping, on or off the toilet, the turd can support itself hanging from your ass. In other words, if one were to stop pushing, the poop would just hang there from the ass, very much like an ornamental medallion.
Boy, I'm glad everything is ok now, but I still had an ass medallion on when my old lady started chokin' on a chicken bone!
by Silty Loam June 15, 2016
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A beautiful, puffy, pink, round set of nipples.
1. Roger gave his girlfriend's tits a motorboating while he was tugging on her Pink Medallions.

2. Carl ripped off Tonya's top while swimming in the pool exposing her lovely set of Pink Medallions.
3. Edwin was peeking in on his grandmother in the shower, despite her age, he loved getting a glimpse of her wrinkled Pink Medallions.
by Eaton Holgoode April 30, 2015
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sitting bare assed on someones head and farting leaving a spot which is the medallion
much like baltic turban but no undies
i gave jenny a swiss medallion
by butt stain July 7, 2009
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