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1) Where 14-year-old girls can walk home alone at 11:00pm.

2) Where Smarties and Tim Hortons live

3) Place where snow may fall in the Summer

4) Hella great place. :D
Pass me a serviette because I spilled my Poutine (Nastiest thing ever, by the way) on the Chesterfield!
by A Canadian August 06, 2004

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An amazing Sublime song that has mutliple meanings, such as love, drug abuse, and life in general.

Badfish is also the name of a band made in tribute to Sublime. They do some covers of Sublime songs as well as some original material. Quality stuff.
Tell me are you a badfish too?
by A Canadian December 11, 2003

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A French-Canadian slang word meaning dude.
Yo mec, qu'est-ce que tu fait?
by A Canadian December 08, 2003

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Said by some coo french-canadian kids, in place of awesome or sick.

Sometimes chillest.
Yo this game is so chiller.
You are mad chillest.
by A canadian September 10, 2003

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A word that is used by Americans to descirbe the best Canadian. Use with caution, for other Canadians may get jealous when an American calls their friend a Special Canadian.
John called Bob a bastard when Bob called Suzy his Special Canadian.
by A Canadian August 08, 2004

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