I got meat rolls in my pocket

Boy you do not have no meat rolls
by Mohegan February 22, 2017
when a dude is at a party and a girl dances with him at she put her ass on his dick and shake her booty
Person 1: yo, shelby had her ass all over my dick bruh

Person 2: yea, i got my meat rolled by her to!
by Shawn Fredrick August 17, 2008
When a girl is grinding her booty on a boy's meat in a circular motion.
Damn, that girl really know how to meat roll!
by Cassandra Miller May 26, 2008
To have a female grind on your penis while she is dancing with you. She is usually bent over.
I'm ready to go to the club and get my meat rolled.
by cookiemonster757 March 4, 2009
see also kebabstronaut
1. Someone who operates a kebab shop on a deserted mainroad in the middle of the night.
that Habib, he's a great meat-in-a-roll-ogist.
by slimey January 14, 2005
Blue Veined Meat Roll is a penis.
I think Bob was trying to serve Becky the Blue Veined Meat Roll for dinner.
by Grandpa Norm March 17, 2023