A name you use to call people that never gives up. Just like a measuring tape, that person always pulls back to where they got to and thrive.
That person never gives up! He must be a measuring tape
by Handlerock September 23, 2019
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n. In order to play the measuring tape game all you need is a self retracting tape measure.

While seated in a chair or on the floor, you extend the tape vertically or horizontally as far as you can until it buckles under its own weight. Whoever extends it the farthest, wins.

The game is typically played while doing some sort of construction work.
Son: "Yes! I got 96 inches!"
Dad: "What the? Stop messing around. You have grout to lay."
Son: "Sure, dad, soon. I'm playing the measuring tape game."
by eastcoastpaperboy September 5, 2010
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A woman who only goes out with guys with big dicks thus the measuring tape. She measures a guys equipment and if it is not of a certain length she says "next."
You do not want to go out with her if she carries measuring tape in her purse.
by hollywood doc September 15, 2006
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1). Usually said in big dick pornos, the female is often taken in pictures where she is measuring her male actors penis. This does not apply to Asian males in porn, i repeat, does not apply to Asian males.

2). List of pornos that often have picture of of adult actresses with the TAPE MEASURE:
Female Pornstar: wow, your cock is so huge, i got to see how long it is.

Male Pornstar: well then, bust out that tape measure and we'll find out. =)
by Zach Mason January 29, 2008
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