3 definitions by Zach Mason

1). Usually said in big dick pornos, the female is often taken in pictures where she is measuring her male actors penis. This does not apply to Asian males in porn, i repeat, does not apply to Asian males.

2). List of pornos that often have picture of of adult actresses with the TAPE MEASURE:
Female Pornstar: wow, your cock is so huge, i got to see how long it is.

Male Pornstar: well then, bust out that tape measure and we'll find out. =)
by Zach Mason January 29, 2008
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1). When a guy takes you by suprise by his appearence

2). In any online videogame, when you are killed by a surpise attack by an unknown assailent, you say "he came from the bushes and got me"

3). when i guy, preferably of the African-American race, comes from the bushes/shrubs to suprise his victim.
Guy1: boo!, got your ass
Guy2: ya you sure did scare me, you must have come from the bushes.
Sniperking55: man ThatPurpIeStuff just chainsawed me like a fag and i didnt even see him dude, he must have came from the bushes.
by Zach Mason January 28, 2008
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1)When two people are engaging in fisticuffs someone usually yells out "oh snap they fightin" so the fight can gain attention

2) When a young white male in a large crowd of African- American screams out "oh snap they fightin" they riot to the nearest fight scene.
White guy: Oh snap they fightin
black guy: oh shit where *runs to nearest fight*

by Zach Mason January 27, 2008
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