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n. In order to play the measuring tape game all you need is a self retracting tape measure.

While seated in a chair or on the floor, you extend the tape vertically or horizontally as far as you can until it buckles under its own weight. Whoever extends it the farthest, wins.

The game is typically played while doing some sort of construction work.
Son: "Yes! I got 96 inches!"
Dad: "What the? Stop messing around. You have grout to lay."
Son: "Sure, dad, soon. I'm playing the measuring tape game."
by eastcoastpaperboy September 5, 2010
A form of journalism invented by Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and Nellie Bly. It is the insatiable appetite journalists have to write stories on underreported and neglected topics in a community. These stories are often hard to swallow.

An unruly newsroom, lack of pertinent stories or an epiphany may inspire someone to engage in guerilla journalism.
Mark: Damn Tobey, that story in the paper today, on the homeless, was intense. What the hell came over you?
Tobey: I don't know, man. I guess that was some guerilla journalism.
by eastcoastpaperboy February 18, 2010