Cherin McFarlane is someone who is kind , gentle and sweet but when she needs to she can be a total badass. She stands up for her friends and is not afraid to say something if it needs to be said. If u have a Friend Called Cherin McFarlane you are very lucky .
Boy1: Hey did u see Cherin McFarlane at that party.

Boy 2:Yeah she like kicked James ass for calling her friend a slut .
by Shenjdiqjdbhxiw November 29, 2017
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1. An atheist, gay rights, comedian who created Family Guy, American Dad, and the YouTube series: Seth McFarlane's Calvacade of Comedy.

2. A very funny comedic genius who people may not like because he is an atheist who is for gay rights, which Christians probably would look down upon.

3. A great singer, writer, and voice impersonater (if that's what you want to call it, but he makes the voices, he doesn't really impersonate...).

4. Awesome.
Bill Maher: "And I understand you are also a big champion of gay rights."
Seth McFarlane: "Yeah." (Crowd claps/cheers).
Maher: "Well your not a gay man yourself-"
McFarlane: "No, no. Don't get me wrong, I like a good ass-fuck as much as the next guy, but-" (as a joke, people).
by AnyWayTheWindBlows July 10, 2009
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Jadyn is crazy as fuck and loves porn, he is only in to women and three somes he always dates sluts but he really likes nice women aslong as their hot!!!!!
im a slut i love Jadyn Mcfarlane
by jaymax18 August 28, 2011
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A name for someone who has many girlfriends/boyfriends. Someone who thinks there all that but really are average looking they talk down on others to make them seem better.

They are also in love with someone who’s name starts with “k”
Random person: Hey Mcfarlane
Mcfarlane: shut up your ugly
by Kamora Evans June 21, 2021
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Andrew McFarland can be cute adorable and very handsome he is really short and can be really mean to un popular kids Andrew Mcfarlane is a guy who likes a girl in the popular zone he is very stylish.Many girls will fall for him but most un popular kids hate him
Andrew mcfarlane!!! Uhhhhhhh hello Andrew????? He’s such a meanie pants but sooo cute and funny!!!!!
by Miamayamayar bulumberha January 16, 2018
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A sweet girl with a bit of a rude. Often louder than most and will sound out in a crowd. Her hair is a perfect shade of brown along with her eyes. She has a passion for being outside but gets frustrated when you don't go outside aswell. Possible skater girl. Loves to get our of the house
Call carly mcfarlane she'll come over
by allymcmiddle August 31, 2015
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