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Sexually deviant; capable of committing awful psycho-sexual atrocities on other men and women; perverted and afflicted with fetishism.
The stalker had fantasies of the things he could do to the woman as he peered through his peephole. His desires were so McNaughton.
by Richravens July 01, 2010
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When a girl gives you a blue job and It is raining she puffing you off and without stopping she opens her purse pulls out a umbrella opened it and holds it over both of us while still sucking your dick
by Partynaughton January 21, 2018
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cait a foxcroft girl of course who lives in none other than m-burg haha and damn does she get with those woodberry forest boys....and ehs guys
and shes awesome and taking whiskey shots as long as she doesnt laugh
maderia girl- woah whos that girl?
2 girl- ohh her she goes 2 foxcroft...we wish we were as hot as them

Me- hey cait can you help me take my boot off
by trevor December 12, 2004
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