An epic girl that always has your back, and is always there for you when you’re in deep shit. She’s amazing all around. A beautiful personality, body, eyes, the whole package, along with being hella athletic. She isn’t a force to be reckon with when it comes to her friends and family. She’s a goodie goodie but when the time comes can make some badass stoner food. A loyal girl that sees the good in someone that others may not see.
You know that girl McKayla? Damn I wish I She was my girlfriend , but you know we can’t always have what want. He’s lucky to have her.
by Jamesalvatour February 11, 2018
McKayla (commonly used as a girls name)
Definition: McKayla means "One who is like God"
You could describe McKayla as an angel.
She is sweet, considerate, beautiful, enchanting eyes, and just golden with every movement she makes or word she says.

McKayla is charismatic, and can easily be friends with anyone. She has a quick wit, and can make even the most stubborn people laugh.
She's amazing...I'll bet you $5 her name is McKayla!
by Mynameisprettyneato November 14, 2011
One who has a nicely rounded ass. One you could definitely fall in love with. A girl with an awesome personality and one you don't want to get mad. Beautiful and the softest lips. One you want to meet and get with.
damn McKayla i'm lovin those thighs better yet those eyes and you know your killin me with that ass of yours.
by poopface asshole buttwhipe December 10, 2009
McKayla is an amazing friend! She is one of the most layed-back and chilled person. She is always bright and happy. Also McKayla is really pretty and has guys falling to her feet!
Guy one: “Wow! Who is that?”
Guy two: “Dang! She must be a McKayla!”
by Katie Snushernaggets March 7, 2020
Someone who’s definitely a switch while doing it. Very dumb but she be KINKY ASF. hot girl who def has hoes on snapchat whom she forget to text.
Damn that girls name must be McKayla, she be having more hoes than be and I heard she likes knives.
by connieisfood October 19, 2020
McKayla is a name mostly used for a girl. (Next part is a description of me kinda) McKayla is shy but can’t stop talking when she gets a friend. McKayla can be shy at times but if someone hurts her friends or loved ones, she’ll turn savage. McKayla knows that you can’t choose to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. McKayla uses the words “Sup”, “Bro”, “Coolio”, “Heya”, and “I’m fine” a lot. McKayla is a tomboy and absolutely hates makeup. Sometimes boys like her but it’s rare or at least the boys don’t publicly say so.
Cassie(friend): Hey sis!
McKayla: Hey bro!

Bro1: McKayla is really cool
Bro2: Not as cool as you bro
Bro1: Bro..
by McKaylaisBread May 14, 2019
An aryan who proves that blonde hair and blue eyes do not make a perfect human. With a degree in mental retardation she will scream at you if you forget to capitalize the k in her name claiming it as a spelling error.
go away McKayla.
by seahobo277 March 11, 2020