One with whom one rolls into Wendy's. See also: Chad,
Random bro: "So I was rolling into Wendys with McGinty..."
by Kat N. October 19, 2010
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Coming over to pick up your child at 4pm and staying for drinks until 2am
by Emcginty December 4, 2021
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1) A unemployed loser.

2) A douche

3.) Someone or something that is unpleasant

4) Someone who has problems in bed I.e. ( can't stay erect or sustain manliness)

5) To be unintelligent, dumb or and idiot.

6) To be abnormally small
Stop being a Mcginty,

That guy is such a Mcginty,

"Damn it how come whenever we're about to have sex you always Mcginty it up."

"Look guy's brad is hung like a Mcginty hahaha"
by Doucheus Maximus February 15, 2013
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Absolutely terrifying company that is on its way to world domination via the devastating war machine, known as "classpad". The company also forces its workers to stay up to 3AM, as well spending their monthly salary on discord nitro to nitro boost the "7SEA" Rust server. McGinty Games is also heavily associated with an unethical company named McGinty Bakes, which utilises slavery and evil methods to make "brownies".
Oh yeh bruv lets get the new classpad chess program from McGinty games, then have a pint along with some freshly baked McGinty Bakes brownies.
by killerkermit04 October 15, 2020
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The hottest Irishman to ever be born; the greatest gift the world has ever been given. Also known to have the prettiest blue eyes the world has ever seen.
Amy: That guy over there is so perfect he must make Jesus jealous.
Pam: He's got to be Damian McGinty then.
by luhhupinhere August 18, 2011
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The hottest Irishman to ever walk the earth. Toured in Celtic Thunder and on season one of The Glee Project, His bright blue eyes and amazing accent make him a favorite to win. He has also caught the interest of a certain Cameron Mitchell, whose bromance with Damian is undeniable.
--Oh my gosh! Look at Damian McGinty on The Glee Project. He's just so amazing!
--I know! He's super hot! and look at him and Cameron. They were practically made for each other!
by Lexandem July 29, 2011
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To ejaculate in another's mouth after engaging in intercourse with a third's anus.
After he pulled out of her ass, he was going to give her friend a dirty Sanchez, but ended up just giving her the bad McGinty.
by djl May 11, 2003
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