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One with whom one rolls into Wendy's. See also: Chad,
Random bro: "So I was rolling into Wendys with McGinty..."
by Kat N. October 18, 2010
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1) A unemployed loser.

2) A douche

3.) Someone or something that is unpleasant

4) Someone who has problems in bed I.e. ( can't stay erect or sustain manliness)

5) To be unintelligent, dumb or and idiot.

6) To be abnormally small
Stop being a Mcginty,

That guy is such a Mcginty,

"Damn it how come whenever we're about to have sex you always Mcginty it up."

"Look guy's brad is hung like a Mcginty hahaha"
by Doucheus Maximus February 14, 2013
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