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To ejaculate in another's mouth after engaging in intercourse with a third's anus.
After he pulled out of her ass, he was going to give her friend a dirty Sanchez, but ended up just giving her the bad McGinty.
by djl May 11, 2003

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campsite in south devon. absolutly superb place to go on a slightly overpriced british holiday. barstaff are awesome and quite frankly if you cant get layed here you are not normal.
person 1 - im stayin at whitehill for two weeks this summer.

person 2 - i hear the barstaff there are awesome...

person 1 - thats right, and the girls are easy!
by djl October 06, 2004

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Saliva, or to salivate, to drool
I just Markyshiad all over her booty
by DJL February 07, 2004

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bally was/still is a very stoned fellow who can often be found in the bars/clubs/streets/houses of south bournemouth. conversation with bally usually includes the phrase 'im fucked mate'. anyone who encounters bally should be friendly, polite and offer him drug based treats.
fuckin hell, bally looks fucked!
by djl October 06, 2004

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