Totally rocking out so extremely, it's capable of earth destruction.
Holy crap. He pulled a McClellan on that thang.
by Hetero January 23, 2003
Known for simping, Coffee stains, and being let down easy. Cool dude, but a girl comes before the boys
There goes Cody McClellan again. Going to his room to call his girl ... poor simp.
by ThatBoiGilbert March 31, 2020
The Olivia McClellan, is the middle class Geordie girl who loves to be treated like a princess and ****** like a pornstar. Will do anything for a Nando’s & a puppy but get in her bad books and you are never getting out. Super emotional, caring to the max and the most loving young lady you will ever meet however, a bright star in anyone’s life she would walk in.
by GerkesLad July 19, 2018
1.A famous, vile individual who runs a website group for other sickos attracted to "those of youger age".His first website served as a "how to" guide for pedophiles(it was later taken down after a barrage of complaints). This is the same man who adimited (in a FOX interview)to feeling a sexual attraction to little girls saying it was ok.He is a 40 something year old loser who can't maintain a decent relationship with an adult woman so he must resort to wrapping his cheetoo covered fingers around his earthworm penis while watching "Little Women
or the Olsen twins (think "Full House" not New York Minute"). He currently lives with his parents as a full time mooch on welfare.
2.A term you may have used to belittle your dog and later regret.
3. The reason to give your daughter a bottle of pepper spray and karate classes for Christmas.
3. The reason even liberals like myself are okay with the death penalty on some occasions.
ME (talking to my dog):no boy! no more bacon for you! its bad for your heart!
MY DOG:woof woof
As my dog jumps up and starts eating the bacon of my plate.
ME:now, look what you've done. why do you have to be such a Jack McClellan?
MY DOG: yelp yelp....(whimpers away)
ME: oh,I'm so sorry boy, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.That was very harsh.Please forgive me. Here, why don't you have a treat instead?
by LouLou (the eclectic) May 5, 2007
This is a term used to define a behavior of a looser, who is also a winner, who retracts slowly with impotence in the same manner in which ineffectiveness leads to certain strategic disadvantages. Generally used in statements made about things that involve strategy where one strategic opinion of mutually distinct sides is weak in “application of force,” but strong in strategic genius; where both have winning attributes.

1) Henry Waxman asked Attorney General Mukasey about evidence from the Valerie Plame case to be presented and in type of Dialouge regarding house oversight and reform committee. Watch tomorrow, 'They will be pullin a MClellan.'PERSON ABC SAID "Did you see that e-mail dilemma, with white house server and Government Accountability?" IN REPONSE PERSONS XYZ SAID, "yeah, I did, it's interesting, one side wants to own all things and use eminent domain to seize control of all things to subject legitimacy of MORAL ABSOLUTION IN government rationale for content without any measure of oversight, it's like a strategic genius using a libby isomorph and pullin a mclellan, to protect the Pinkerton's unions' police."

Bob: Pullin' a McClellan?
Billy: Pullin' a McClellan.
by PQR July 11, 2008
McClellan is a total boss. McClellan’s are funny smart and all around amazing people.
Bro McClellan is so rad!
by amm182024 June 29, 2022