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The most amazing person that you will ever meet in your entire life! He's cool, and cute, and funny, and an incredible friend. If you ever get the chance to meet this person, you will be shaking in your shoes.
Person 1: Hey, have you met Mazen before?
Person 2: Who?
Person 1: You don't know Mazen?! He's the cutest, funniest, most amazing guy in the whole WORLD!
Person 2: OMG i HAVE to meet Mazen now! He sounds amazing!!!
by PicklesInMapleSyrup April 03, 2009
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Amazing guy. He's nice, sweet, athletic, funny, hot, caring, fun to be around, and just the perfect guy. He's goofy and so hard headed sometimes but thats what makes you love him. If you ever have the chance to be with a mazen, never let him go.

PS: may slightly resemble a monkey ;)
by hvstbjyjnkujbEBBB5HWEAEGSZXE23 January 13, 2012
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A sexy beast with a huge dick and he will make u so fucking wet. Hes so caring and loving and has the best sense of humour. Hes an introvert and sometimes doesn't realise what he's saying but truly in his heart he's the most beautiful guy ever. ❤️
That guy is such a kind hearted man, I've heard his name is mazen
by His sexy gf August 24, 2017
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To listen on a song on repeat for many days, until it literally blends into the background and drives every person you know insane.
"Have you heard insert song here?"
"Yeah, I mazen'ed the fuck out of it last week."

I love this song. I'm gonna mazen the fuck out of it.
by notreem August 13, 2018
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Mazen is guy that is always trying to get a girl but always fails. He will never get a girl because his flirting abilities are so bad, and he is really bad at school. He always fails the units and never gets good grades.
Mazen: I failed the test again
Person 1: The whole class passed
Person2: Yeah, they did. Mazen you're literally so dumb man.
by BossBoi0077 May 01, 2017
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