big dick uhh yes daddy i cant stop cumming after he fucked me
-mazen loves my bussy
by yes daddyyy January 3, 2021
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The president of every single thing that is alive or has been alive.

Something more than a god, it is too much for humans to understand, Mazen is the new god!!!
There is Mazen, my eyes hurt he is so shiny for our eyes.
by Él diablo March 17, 2020
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Mazen is guy that is always trying to get a girl but always fails. He will never get a girl because his flirting abilities are so bad, and he is really bad at school. He always fails the units and never gets good grades.
Mazen: I failed the test again
Person 1: The whole class passed
Person2: Yeah, they did. Mazen you're literally so dumb man.
by BossBoi0077 May 1, 2017
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Someone who likes big black dick in his mouth and butt this person is a faget dont let this person near ur kids
Mazen is a faget
by Asswipe12235689086543 January 2, 2016
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The act of writing long photo descriptions that relate nothing to the photo.
*Photo* - Little of Chicago's architecture with no filter. Good photographers need no filter. Also, people with good cameras.

Ake: Stop Mazening man!
by Hallows April 14, 2014
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To listen on a song on repeat for many days, until it literally blends into the background and drives every person you know insane.
"Have you heard insert song here?"
"Yeah, I mazen'ed the fuck out of it last week."

I love this song. I'm gonna mazen the fuck out of it.
by notreem August 13, 2018
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