An either ironic or extremely wrong pronunciation of "meme" depending on the context, in similar fashion to the "frageelay" gag in A Christmas Story. Suggests (1.) obliviousness to Internet culture or a bad attempt to fit in. In its more common (2.) ironic usage, it's used to mock mainstream Internet culture, proliferation and exhaustion of memes, and other bad parts of the state of modern memes.
1. A: Look at my nice maymay, there's Doge and Dat Boi in it!
B: Stop trying to fit in with the Internet, you're the CEO of Delta Airlines FFS.

2. Nice maymay m8! (actually it's overused and dated, kys)
alt. 2. Look at this newfag and his beloved maymays. He's not even close to an acceptable memer.
by Egg F1337 January 6, 2017
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A dumbass. A loser. A perfectionist. Strong on the outside but very much likes to keeps things to herself. Likes the color orange a lot but recently decided that a red ipod suited her better. Immature, yet very focused. Appears confused about the big picture, but has a very clear understanding about the little things that would gear her towards a bigger goal. Insecure, people oriented person even though she claims friendship is the least of her concerns in getting through life, to college. Camera whores with other peoples cellphones and cameras. Doesn't quite understand the ability to contage joy to those around her. A "friend" one can not live without. Hates basketball because it gets her hands dirty. Likes to dominate the leading roles for group work because she is usually the most capable. Worries too much about tomorrow as she succeeds today. Looks for someone she can trust, open her facebook photos to, a shoulder to lean on. Secretly reads deepjthoughts. Assumes other people have short term memory when she herself has Alzheimer. Clumsy, scared of dogs when one with the name Spicky has changed her life, became an unforgettable companion. Voluntarily falls off bikes. Refuses to rely on others to appear strong. Independent, but seeks dependence. Stupid, but wise. Young, but seasoned. Adorable and special.
She's not a twat. She's Maymay.
by Andy Grammar June 21, 2012
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Maymay is an energetic and upbeat person. her smile can light up a room. she is generally a sweet, chill person, but you dont want to be on her bad side! she will always stick up for you. she is always happy and thinking positive. EVERYONE needs a maymay by their side!
by abraca.dab.ra November 8, 2016
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Maymay (Noun) - a person who is oblivious to Internet culture.

maymay (noun)- incorrect spelling of meme.

maymayed (verb) - to make an meme foul out of sheer obliviousness of Internet Culture.
She’s such a Maymay.

She just maymayed so hard.

Maymays be maymaying.
by Pants Galore November 17, 2018
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A name given to a loving grandmother; always is caring about those around her, especially her family.
Maymay gave Jeremiah the last piece of lasagna instead of saving a piece for herself.
by CandidlyCandy August 19, 2013
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Way of saying Meme by an Indian uncle when he hears the word for the first time
Rajesh: Why dis Facebook posts says that my mom is a whore?
Son: Dad, read the title it says meme.
Rajesh: What is Maymay you motherfucka?
by propahguy November 13, 2020
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1. the most wonderful nickname that could be given

2. The most wonderful thing to hear whispered
I love you, MayMay
by May June 4, 2004
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