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Way of saying Meme by an Indian uncle when he hears the word for the first time
Rajesh: Why dis Facebook posts says that my mom is a whore?
Son: Dad, read the title it says meme.
Rajesh: What is Maymay you motherfucka?
by propahguy November 13, 2020
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when you do not aim to flex, but you are too cool not to ; something cool guys in 80s used to do
Guy 1 looking at JayZ: He came and didn't talk about his wife, career, fame, and money. He didn't flex at all.
Guy 2: God damn! Look at him riding those shoes.
Guy 1: That wasn't flex, it was Ordinary Flex.
by propahguy January 23, 2020
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people who don't know which way to go and like to take it slow; something very non-ordinary people say
John Legend: "We're just ordinary people, we don't know which way.."
Also John Legend: Extremely Talented, Megastar, $45 Million Worth, Super Model Wife.
by propahguy January 24, 2020
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