Amazing girl, gorgeous, stunning, highly intelligent and always there for her friends.
Where's Maylee when you need her.
by DonP24 March 22, 2013
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Maylee is a great person, she may say she has no friends but deep in her heart she truly cares for many people. She's beautiful and very attractive and brings nothing but happiness to people's lives. She has this one boy (Jeffrey) who never gives up on trying to make her believe that forever is a real thing.
Girl 1: She's so caring and generous!
Girl 2: Yea that's definitely a Maylee!
Girl 3: You got that right!
by Milkshakebottom November 11, 2018
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The kind of person that always has your back, sometimes a little to blunt with there opinion, but they mean well.
My best friend Maylee poured water on herself just to match with me so I won't get bullied.
by Kawaii Chan 28 October 19, 2019
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A perfect angle beautiful very smart probably the coolest person you will ever meet
Maylee is the bomb
by Hello happybutt November 30, 2019
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A beautiful Hispanic/Chinese girl with gorgeous brown eyes and dark brown hair.definitely wife material. cares of others before herself, always willing to help out a friend. The most perfect, INTELLIGENT, and BEAUTIFUL GIRL in the world. Gorgeous. Pretty. Smart. Sexy. Hot. Fun. Glamorous. She's a TOP MODEL. Inner and outer beauty. Hypnotizing, beautiful eyes. Lips of an angel. Kissable - Best kisser ever. The PERFECT girlfriend. Goddess. A princess. DREAM COME TRUE. ONE in a million. If you found her, you are in heaven.Not very many enemies, everyone loves her. Alway see's the best in people at the beginning. She is beautiful both inside and out and attracts a few haters because they are jealous of her supreme godliness and beauty.Every guy on this planet is lucky to have her. She's a beautiful gift. lucky for the one she marries.
Wow shes gorgeous . of course thats maylee
by alesiram November 15, 2013
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A dirty maylee is a person who likes to drink mud and then proceed to give a BJ
That dirty maylee was great last night
by Dirtile Doug February 15, 2017
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