If you were born on may 6th your the coolest person ever. Your amazing, stunning and your figure is insane. All the boys drop on to they’re knees as soon as your in sight and all the girl’s are desperate to be besties with you. Your loved.
Boy1 : woah she’s gorgeous

Boy2 : I know, she must have been born on may 6th
by Girl1235789284 November 5, 2019
May 6th is finally hook up with that dude who you’ve been joking about hooking up with
Hey it’s May 6th, fuck it, let’s hook up
by Oopsguessimmabitch April 30, 2021
National hug day! Hug anyone and they can't do anything about it but stand still or hug you back, you time to shine!
Hey its May 6th, give me a hug!
by Definitely true May 5, 2021
National praise Landon day. And give him a blowjob
Oh boy! It’s May 6th”!
“hey, there’s Landon, better get on your knees!”
by Nigger penis October 12, 2019
National randomly start stomping yur feet day. Lets make an earthquake and impeach trump pervs!!!
Wow! I can belive its May 6th!
by DefiningGravity January 2, 2020