Date when miracles happen and legends are born.
Sally: What is your birthday date?
Ben: May 27th
Sally: Well ain't you a legend!
by gumballgum October 16, 2019
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If you were born on this day you are a total crackhead. Everyone thinks Gemini’s are the best behaved... Not even close

If you are a girl the guy you like is waiting around the corner . Just admit you like him and if he doesn’t like you move on don’t cry “ a princess doesn’t cry”

If you’re a boy, if a girl likes you date her and see how it turns out if it doesn’t let her down easy and help her find someone
Andrea: h-hey I really like you
Jake: sorry I don’t like you that way
Andrea: ok *tears*
Jake: but since it’s May 27th I’ll help you find someone who does
by XxsecretkeeperxX November 23, 2019
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Be kind and do whatever the person wants. There name has to start or end with and A.
May 27th you got to be kind to Alexia, Alexis, Allison , Autumn, Abby, Ashley
by LexiH May 5, 2021
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May 27th its national give a wedgie day.
Give someone a wedgie.
May 27th,

Me : I gave my brother a wedgie yesterday .

Him: *it still hurts*
by TheGirlUDontKnow May 5, 2021
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Be nice to a girl name Alexia or Alexis because it's her birthday or something like that.
by LexiH May 5, 2021
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Cami: It's May 27th, so that means it's Trans pride day!

Apollo: Happy Trans Pride Day!

Cami: You too!
by Apollo lol May 16, 2021
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Guy 1:hey tomorrow is may 27th
Guy 2:bro we gotta kiss our crushes tomorrow
by Fsdyifdynoizaw3 May 26, 2022
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