They are one of the sweetest, most genuine people. They care about others and tend to think about others emotions more than theirs. They love to express themselves and once they start something they finish it. Moreover they are extremely beautiful and have an amazing personality. If you mess with someone born on this day, they will bring hell to you but once you apologise they will forgive you.
Furaha: When's your birthday?
Bidii: May 24th.
Furaha: No wonder you are so amazing.
by ___... March 27, 2021
Eat a bowl of rigatoni pAsTa on this Day. That's an order. periodT.🍝
1)"What's today? "
2)"Oh its May 24th."

1)"Have you eaten dat rigatoni pasta yet?"

2)"Of COURSE!"
by Rigatoni PASTA February 14, 2020
Person #1: Hey, what day is it?
Person #2: May 24th
Person #1: aw shit here we go again
by 1randombitch1 October 16, 2019
The day that fine bitch was born. And that’s on periodt🤪✨💕🏃🏻 ♀️🙈
Ooo look it’s that fine bitch, did u know her birthday is May 24th
by Fine girl😩 July 22, 2021
-Xander: It’s May 24th!
-Everyone Else: Cheese time!
by Eskeskesk123 May 24, 2019