Save the date for 5/24/2021

hot people eat a bowl of rigatoni on this day
Do you know what day May 24 is?
by tig bit dick May 24, 2021
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May 24 is a day where you post a song, whether it is a rap, yodeling, or singing. Just post your shit on Spotify already.
If you don’t post a song on May 24, Imma beat yo ass
by NotSoDumBoi April 10, 2022
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a bird's birthday we're all lads have to smack her ass no matter what happens or you will be a fridge
lewis:dude it's may 24 and it's her birthday

louis:let's go and smack her ass
by biffthesexyone April 17, 2020
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A day were you can grab a girls ass
Tony: it's may 24
Sarah: so?
Tony: turn around
by Realnamenotfound May 24, 2022
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Whoever is born on May 24th is beautiful and sexy they are the best girls in the word and amazing people
She’s born on may 24th?
That’s why she’s so pretty
by Abcedefg May 8, 2022
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if you have birthday this day, you are a god. if you have birthday, you can grab all your females friends. you can grab them at the pussy, ass, boobs, head and the whole body!! so CONGRATS
Teacher: who has birthday today (date: may 24)?
Student: i have
Teacher: CONGRATS! now every girl, stand in line so the birthday boy can grab you all by the pussy. Including me.
Student: ohhhh yeaah!
2 min later, there was a orgie with 12 female student, 1 Teacher and 1 birthday boy.

the birthday boy also gave them all finger, head, licking and he got ALOT of blowjobs!
by The MC Legend April 14, 2019
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The day a strong, kind, and hot af person was born. They are the most loyal person you will ever meet, and they will never lie to you. You better know how incredibly lucky you are to have someone born on this day in your life, and better treat them like a fucking god because it doesn't get much better than them.
person #1: Happy birthday!
person #2: Thanks!
person #3: wait, your birthday is may 24th? wow, no wonder I like you so much, we should go out sometime!
person #2: no way, I am dating (insert person #1 name here) and I would never cheat on them, it's nice to meet you though.
person #1: I am so lucky to have you (insert person #2 name here)!
by The favorite <3 June 24, 2022
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