The Day a G.O.A.T was born from greatness to kindness of the whole world if not an oofer but An OOPHER
I was born May 24

Other Guy: i shall follow and respect you
by a.k.a_smash54 May 24, 2018
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literally a date that no-one celebrates or bothers to know that it exists.
what's on may 24?
by toastbutter October 15, 2019
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Larry: “Yo what’s so special about May 24 2021?”
Abby: “Rigatoni
by Addy Smith January 25, 2020
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Today. Well probably not for you
Well why would you search it then?
me: today is may 24, 2017
Somebody: cool cool
by BenSoccer May 24, 2017
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Eat a bowl of rigatoni pasta

Originated from tiktok i believe
Person1 "Eat a bowl of rigatoni pasta bro" Person2 "Oh yeah, it's May 24, 2021."
by TittyTerminator February 6, 2020
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