Badass Warrior Legends are born on this day. When someone you know has this birthday, just remember, they can kick your ass without a blink.
Cam: Damn , did you know she’s a badass legend?

Chris: nah dawg, she’s a warrior too, May 15th remember.
by featherwife October 30, 2019
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The day to celebrate with those who have similarities with you, such as your favorite color, birthday, or song.
I can’t sit to spend the day with them on May 15th because we have the same birthday
by Yomamayeet69 November 1, 2019
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A blessed day for people who have the tendency to not just break the ice around new people but utterly shatter it. People born in this day are Mood Makers.
You know that chick Teresa, I heard she was born in May 15th”
“No wonder she can chat with anyone”
by MythSpeaker October 16, 2019
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The Day of Rejection.

That moment when you thought you were good enough for that girl, but you weren't.
Person 1: Is this good enough?

Person 2: I bet you though you were good enough for that girl on May 15th, apparently not.
by RejectedOnMay15th October 1, 2022
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