A somewhat-ironic word used to refer to a fan/stan of Ava Max (Destroyer of fascism in the Netherlands and singer). Her fandom as a whole can be referred to as "Maxipads" despite her efforts to call them 'Avatars".
"Grab your hacked wigs maxipads! Ava Max just released a new song!"
by Maxipad#2 December 06, 2020
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A really annoying kid that hangs out with you sometimes that you hella want to kill. Although, sometimes erves a practical purpose, such as you can order him to get you food and do stupid stuff to get him in trouble, still want to kill him though.
Any certain friends you have these issues with.... This kid is a total Maxipad.
by Dustin L. January 10, 2008
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1) Brand of sanitary napkin
2) Nickname for 'Max'- used to piss off a person of that name
1) Oh man I need a maxipad.
2) Hey maxipad!
by Cracked Eg March 05, 2004
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Chris: I think the new Apple iPad is a great gift, but I want to make sure I get all the features.

Jessica: Go in to the Apple Store and tell them you want the MaxiPad.
by cromano115 January 28, 2010
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a ramen noodle headass that will send pictures of his soggy ass feet with no remorse. is actually decently smart but acts retarded constantly. Maxipad Trombwell is an OG Chicken Fucker and a fellow Great Retard
1) "did Maxipad Trombwell send his feet to the group again?"
2) "yuh he did"
1) "god damnit"
by 1jeaner1 July 20, 2021
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