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To actively improve one's health with proper diet and exercise.

Maximizing is a lifestyle rather than a "diet plan" in which mind & body wellness are paramount.

Ridiculing others on their physique whilst displaying moments of disobedience to peers via iPhone 4 picture/video(s) (e.g. drinking soda) becomes a primary directive. Letting others know if they are "obese" is a gesture of kindness and compassion to fellow (white) man.

Social acceptance of a healthy lifestyle is one major motivation to constantly be at one's best physical shape. Many practitioners learn to adeptly (yet subtly) display muscle tone, depth, and mass during everyday activities/interactions (e.g. folding one's arms, picking a glass of water, and using arm gestures during discussions).

Drinking alcohol can be accepted periodically in order to allow others the privilege of viewing these unearthly manifestations of physical prowess. The gym is "hit" at least every other day to demolish all muscle groups.

Constant hydration is always encouraged along with eating unprocessed foods (gluten free). Organic fruits, vegetables, meats (chicken and or sardines), and such commonly are consumed. Anything else is considering poison, toxic, and trash in which strict repulsion is common protocol.

Many whom practice maximizing participate in activities like; wake-boarding, snowboarding, surfing, wrestling, & electro-dancing.
Person 1: Hey, do you want to get a double-double at In-N-Out Burger?

Person 2: Hell no! I would rather spend more money, wait more time, and not kill myself maximizing at True Food's Kitchen.
by MaximusPrimal January 31, 2011
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