(noun) A person with with great skills and talents who can achieve something when growing up
Damn, that's definitely a Maurits
by Maupie June 13, 2010
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Maurits is a guy who is not afraid to be different, he is crazy, funny and sometimes a little too wild. Generally, he's a really nice person but he has a bad side. He bows down to peer pressure easily and is a player when it comes to girls. However mostly, he's an extremely fun person to be around and he'll always make you laugh. If you're lucky enough to have him like you, hold on to him because once he falls for you he's always loyal.
"I met this guy, he's quirky and different and super hot."
"Must be a 'Maurits' then."
by waywaytrashgetouttahere January 14, 2019
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Maurits is a guy who is a little emasculated cunt who girls dont like
"Yoo, you hear Maurits got spanked by the maths teacher"
"Yea maurits that little bitch got pounded by miss olivera man"
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