Men are trash- movement stating that men obtain qualities that are making them equal to rubbish. Thus trash.
Friend 1 β€œHe cheated on me”
Friend 2 β€œThis is why I always say MaT”
by Aylaatings February 16, 2018
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Normally someone who is very fat and doesn’t have any friends. They struggle to deal with their obesity problems and therefore struggle socially.
β€œDid you see that kid Mat?”

β€œYea, omg how much does he weigh??”
by I am Mat January 15, 2020
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meaning manboobs or really large breasts on a man
look at those boys mats or matts or matthys
by yourself3082 November 20, 2007
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The words etymology is old latin and was first noticed in 840 AD by a man named Swaut Dehucon. He spent his last years writing books about words found in teen subcultures around the Roman Empire. Swaut discovered the word in Athen while speaking to the local priest. The priest told Swaut about the worst word he had heard, a word a teenager once had said while attending church. At first Swaut didn't understand why the word was a bad word, but as the priest went on, Swauts eyes opened more and more.

Swaut decided to dedicate a good 10 pages of his first book to just this word. The word "Mats". Swauts book was never finished as he passed away too early, and as the years went on the book was forgotten. 15 years later when Swauts grandaugther went up to the loft on a random ocatiow
Now to the point you have all been waiting for, what doess this mean and bad word mean? Well here it goes: A man with a small dick. The word also gives the impression of "talking down" people with small penises. Thats why the priest thought it was such a bad word.
Example 1

Girl 1 walks up to Girl 2
Girl 1 "I went out with that guy from Tinder yesterday"
Girl 2 "Ohhh, how did it go?"
Girl 1 "It was cool, until we went to bed. He was a mats ..."
Girl 2 "Hahaha"

Example 2

Guy 1 walks up to Guy 2.

Guy 2 "Whats up?"
Guy 1 "Stfu"
Guy 2 "Wtf man, why so mean?"
Guy 1 "I heard rumors that you were a mats"
Guy 1 wwalks awawy awkwardly
by Jjadfi February 23, 2017
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A term used by gamers who play the popular game Fortnite as an abrreivation for β€œMaterials”.
Dude 1: I see someone 89 North!
Dude 2: Ok I need some mats to build up there
Dude 1: Ight come here
by The Chicken Enthusiast November 04, 2018
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1. A person or being showing complete lack of thought or common sense

2. Offensive to the sight

3. Notably unpleasant or distressing

4. To have a characteristic aura or atmosphere; unpleasant
Wow, that guys a real Mat!

I cant believe he said that, thats just like Mat

Lets get out of here, Mats comming!
by Sturmagist February 28, 2005
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A Fucking Prick Who Plays With My Feelings And Gets His Slutty Whores To Say Mean Shit To Me
Leezanne: I Fucking HATE That Piece Of Shit. Hes Allways Fucking With My Feelings *sighs* Prick!....Stupid Of Me To Fall In Love With Him:S :'(

Alison: Oh Mat?

Leezanne: Duh!

Alison: Stfu Im Blond!

Leezanne:......I Know
by Leezanne & Alison March 18, 2005
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