1,Matin means strong and dignified. It's a persian name for both men and women. It means a very very very very very valuable person.

2, cute, hot and sexy. The person who is too strong, dignified, hot and loving in sex.
She is really Matin
She is really dignified
by Udnina April 20, 2013
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A really hot and sexy motherfucker.They all have big juicy hearts and dicks.If you find a Matin,ask him out and let him make love to you
That Matin guy is so fucking hot
by Yee haw mav February 24, 2019
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Matin is someone who's extremely kind hearted, loving and caring but if someone messes with him he can legit run over them at the speed of 250 km/ph
omg dont cross the road its matins car coming
by oxford thesaures May 9, 2021
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Definition of Matin : Playboy,rumour making machine. Smart yet evil. Also known to be a broccoli head
Omg its Matin the playboy!
by Zack playzyt October 19, 2019
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A silently confident guy who isn't scared to initiate the conversation. He seems shy but can easily make friends and is easy-going, can take and make jokes; basically a really fun guy to hang out with. He would never judge you and is highly empathetic. When the world seems to be against you, he would take your side in a heartbeat. Even from a young age, he is surprisingly wise and mature and level-headed. He can make you feel warm and comfortable the moment you lay eyes on him, and radiates positivity and happiness. At first sight, he looks serious, and can be serious when the situation needs it but it is the most adorable thing when he gets excited because he tends to bounce around with a gleam in his eye. A crush on him feels like butterflies and daydreams all summer, and a warm hug during the winter. He will surprise you with kindness, even when you mess up or expect conflict in a situation. For those struggling with their mental health, he is a breath of air when you are suffocating and a ray of sunshine during your darkest days. He will be your shoulder to cry on and soul to rely on. A heart of pure gold like no other.
I miss Matin so much. My life feels empty without him.
by decalcomania April 17, 2022
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Matin is the light of everyone’s life. He is the most kind, funny, loving, thoughtful, intelligent, adventurous, charismatic man out there. He is the sexiest man alive, seriously be prepared to be perpetually wEt. he is the one you want to take on all of your adventures and tell all of your jokes to and generally spend your life with. He is someone you can have 6 hour phone calls with in the middle of the night that make you feel like the world is a magical place, which is kind of true because he makes it one. He’s the kind of person who songs and poems should be written about. He is attractive as hell, a mesmerizing specimen he is. Has a racoon fetish, and a slight foot fetish that is only endearing and hot.
“oh my god im so wet” “ahh that must be bc matin is walking by”
by urfavracoon August 7, 2021
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He is a pro in hacking the best in every..... JK he is bad at video game even when hacking. he is the type of guy to spend too much money on hacked clients like 500 quid alone on it "Sado" anyway he is referred to by his friends as being a stick yes literally a stick. You can stab through him thoroughly with a pencil. Stick as ill refer to him from now on is obsessed with games that arent that popular and forces the others around him to play them and for that reason alone i dub him the stick that is malnourished. Also secretly has a fetish for people with small hands.
So here is a story all about how i walked down the street and some how broke a guys ribs, So then and there i dubbed him a Matin...
by GreatLadMad October 7, 2019
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