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Matilde aka Mati who always sleeps a lot and have such a great sense of humor, makes me laugh no matter what and a Kpop lover. Sure she annoys me but I luv her to death. Always makes my day 100000 precent better and makes me feel less lonely like I mean the world to her. Since her name is unqie it’s not common to see her name pop up on the screen. She has gone through something hard in her life but still today I see her as a strong person like always. She may not seem sad but she is and seeing her sad and not talk about her feelings hurts me. If ur reading this.. I luv u bitch!
Matilde:An amazing personality unique person
by MyBooAsian May 24, 2018
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The most wonderful girl in the world. If you know a matilde or are in a relationship with her, you're the luckyest guy alive. Her eyes and her smile are all that is needed to keep you going. Also very beautiful and can be quite cheeky and devilsh. Always finds a way to look good wether it's pretty, stunning, sexy or hot. Often life is horrible without a Matilde. Has the personality of an angel.
An incredibly amazing girl "matilde"
by polar bear666 December 02, 2011
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A very.... enthusiastic person. She knows how to make people laugh and can be very persistent at times. Good at hugs and comfort. Sexy Danish Woman of course!
Hey Matilde!”
“Dude! Did you see the guacamole scene
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by Mati January 08, 2019
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