A Dr.House look-alike that is "queridinho" (portuguese term similar to blessed). A term used to describe people that loan money all the time.
Hey, you. Give me some money, be a Coelho.
by thetruthtothetop April 13, 2011
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A surname with people with very good bedroom skills nomarly people with this surname have 7~9 in penis
Get ur self a person with a surname coelho
by Lil boi 6 March 20, 2022
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An intoxicated man who claims what he wants through a persuasive whisper.
Often defined as a midnight whisperer.
Did you hear him whispering earlier? He’s a real Coelho!
by P4SSYSL4Y3R November 22, 2021
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1-Nelson Coelho is mothafuckin GOD, BITCH!
2-Nelson Coelho is more god than the modafucking Bolsomito.
by malakoi April 27, 2017
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