A measure of drunkenness. Defined by the Geekshow Podcast. This definition was developed after Geekshow Panelist Jay Whittaker discovered the joy of Lime-a-ritas.
After drinking a couple of Angry Balls she knew she was at half Whittaker. She didn't want to go full Whittaker, so she stopped drinking.
by AlyssHeart July 27, 2014
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That ancient family of mad geniuses known for their massive heads and brainpower. Excessive geekiness is also not unknown.
Darn, that Whittaker beat me again.
by Bleem890 February 7, 2009
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A standard for breadmaking, only the best bread can be classed as Whittaker
That bread is Whittaker standard.
by MosesMansaray September 9, 2010
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A very white and effeminate person resembling bread. Someone who thinks life is not a coincidence. Asks people to explain things that are obvious.
Someone explain to Whittaker the 2nd definition.
by WannabeEmoObsidian December 7, 2010
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Whittaker, the wise Capuchin Monkey, is the most trusted counselor to the peripatetic Viscount; or any small scale creature who dispenses advise. Whittaker rides the right shoulder of the Viscount, and communicates by taps and strokes to the temple.
Whittaker bounds to the shoulder of Sabi, the elephant descended from Hannibal's herd, delivering messages from the Viscount. He returns to the right shoulder of the Viscount to deliver dire warnings for the Viceroys.
by cyberopera August 7, 2012
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Whittakered: Having your comment twisted into a personal insult against a person, followed by getting silenced
I've just been Whittakered by Facebook
by Scorpiod86 May 3, 2021
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Pos: Noun

This is when somebody who has a large stomach that protrudes sits down and realizes that they cant reach the table or other surface to place food and eat like a normal person. So they then lean back and puff their stomach out and use it as a mobile table. Works very nicely and can accommodate a Big Mac meal if the technique is used correctly.
"Earlier today i used whittaker's table technique to hold my entire lunch. It saved me the trouble of finding a table! Plus i could eat anywhere i wanted!"
by that guy kyle January 11, 2015
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