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An Italian/Australian guy with a wonderful accent which often drives American girls crazy. Known for his skills in maths and guitar playing, Matheo is loved by all of his friends and is basically just a perfect guy all around. Every girl wishes they could have him and every guy wishes they could be him. Not only does he have an amazing personality, but he has excellent abs as well. Everyone who has him in their lives is a better person just for knowing him.
"Man, look at Matheo. I wish I could be just like him."

"Oh dude, me too. I heard Megan Fox used to like him but never asked him out cause she wasn't good looking enough for him."
by munchin August 25, 2009
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"Matheo" is the ship name between characters Theo Raeken and Malia Tate on the MTV show, Teen Wolf. Even though Theo is a total backstabbing jerk who turns the whole pack against each other and shoots Malia in the stomach, he's super hot and she can't stop going on about him.
Person 1:"Omg that Matheo scene tonight though"
Person 2:"Yeah i know! How he transformed from a wolf into a naked human in a coyote den and started flirting with Malia"
Person 1:"She couldn't get enough of him"
by Clary Herondale August 12, 2016
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A name given to a male with a penis so short, their parents contemplated having surgery to change 'him' into a 'her'.

Usually the surgery is not undergone and the 'son' is left with an extremely short penis, usually unable to penetrate their life partners.....which are usually men.
"I named my child Matheo because of his incredibly small penis"

"I like, was going to have sex with Matheo until I realised...I can't"
by caytlinbbe September 05, 2009
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A Matheo is a type of person who is obsessed with soccer and will never not think about it. He is also the type of person who is funny, in a weird or dumb way. Matheo is also someone who you share lots of memories with.
Remember when we played soccer with Matheo.
by Mittens January 27, 2018
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Matheos is a Fatass that plays with girls feeling and he thinks he is so cool but he’s a fat brown haired kid who no one should feel petty for. He hurts girls feelings sm!!! His dick is vv small.
Matheos plays girls soo much!
by Snubejejebeuddn March 29, 2019
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