The most amazing tv show ever
Got some great humor in it with handsome shirtless guys, fights, lots of death or nearly death. Four seasons, 60 episodes. Season 3 has 24 episodes , the others 12. Season 5 in july
Fan 1: Omg I love teen wolf so much

Fan 2: Yeah me too I'm waiting for season 5
by fixingthisshit January 18, 2015
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Teen Wolf is a great show, It has really good plots, cliff-hangers, and backround stories . And there are a LOT of hot , shirtless guys, Like Jackson, Scott, Stiles and Derek . I recommned watching it, It is really good.
Me : Have you ever watched Teen Wolf?
Y/N : No, but it sounds good.
Me: It IS , there are plots, cliff hangers and HOT shirtless guys
Y/N: Oooh, I watch it for sure!
by XXUrban February 4, 2020
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A person in teenhood whom in which went through puberty faster than his feelow classmates
i.e. Seth is one fucking scary Teen Wolf
by Dumbass ass sucker bitch November 14, 2017
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Shaking up a beer and biting into the side, puncturing the can with your teeth, spraying beer all over.

Teen wolf does this in the classic movie of the same name while in wolf form.
I took eleven stitches to the face teen-wolfing a beer.
by I am Joel October 12, 2004
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one who tends to surf on top of moving trucks
Teen Wolf is showing off again
by kickstanddick December 1, 2004
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when some one is an ass virgin and you bend them over and stick your cock in there ass real quick and they let out a howl like a wolf ow ow oooooowwwww!!!
she said she never had anal so i teen wolfed her ass
by gregsadouche July 17, 2011
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