Another word for boner. It originated from an unforgivable remake video on youtube. The narrator says " my dick was harder than a math test". Thus sparking math test as code for boner. The significance of math test is that it is used as code for males. Primaraly in school, for instance if your sitting down and you have a boner and your teacher calls on you, you tell your fellow male friend that you have one and he vouches for you by taking your spot and going to the front of the classroom to spare your embarrassment of having a boner.
by bigtexasmoose November 9, 2007
The purest form of torture there is.
I'm gonna be killed at the math test tommorrow.
by lolsweatyfag August 9, 2019
This thing is the worst thing you can ever have. Say you take a math test and you didn’t know it was happening and you fail; your parent would get mad at you FOR NOW KNOWING A QUIZ. Another example is that let’s just say that you finish early and your teacher says “did you check your work” and you say no, but you knew all the answers. Your teacher will be like “ GO CHECK YOUR WORK OR YOU HAVE DETENTION”. Another example is that in your future life you won’t need to know how to find circumference, it won’t matter, it’s also boring, like really boring. Finally this is what is stands for. Mindboring, Awful, The, hardest, thing ever set there.
by Hi peps November 19, 2019
A piece of Internet humor involving mathematical word problems set in an urban context, involving murder, drugs, and prostitution. Real teachers have gotten in trouble for giving this test to students, which they probably deserved due to their stupidity.
Hector knocked up 6 girls in his gang. If there are 27 girls in the gang, what percentage of the girls has Hector knocked up?
by Ed April 3, 2005
Sweating profusely either because of extreme heat, exercise or your under the pump (stressed to the eye balls).

Origins: Chris Mitchell, New Zealand Army (Rtd), proud to have served with many fine US Marines.
by We are that RC brothers December 31, 2020