Pronouced like Ma-ddie

A Bawm Ass Singer Who Is SUPER HELLA GORGEOUS And Super Obsessed With Twilight!
Like No Joke !!
Dayummmmmm. She Sings Like A Mate !!
by A.R.R June 28, 2009
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B: "hey Yankee, wanna root?"
N: "like mating mates?"

B: "bonza"
by Yankee & Jelly Bean February 6, 2020
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Mating is the action of male and female animals having sex (or breeding) to reproduce, and procreate.

Animals, including Humans mate with members of the opposite sex within their own species due to a desire for sexual pleasure, love, and the need to propagate the next generation.

Without Mating no Human being would be alive. Thus Mating is technically essential to the existence of Humans (and the vast majority of other animals).

Heterosexual sex is the only kind of sex that can be described as Mating.
If your Mother and Father had not participated in mating with each other, you would not be alive.
by The Facts matter August 7, 2019
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Slang for "friend" used in New Zealand, Britain, Australia and Tasmania
"What's goin' on mate?!"
by Daniel September 22, 2004
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A multipurpose word in Australian cultural context which can denote friendly affectation or alternatively, threat depending on the context in which it is used.

Australian culture can be confusing to outsiders when they call those they like, cunts, and those they dont like, mate.

Its all in the tone and context.
1: (friendly greeting) How ya goin mate.
2: (threat) I wouldn't try that if I were you,...mate!
by JoffaR July 22, 2016
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1. This is my mate Eddie.
2. This is my mate Eddie.
by louis October 19, 2001
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