Good ol' aussie slang!
Usually when an Aussie is angry or is drunk they bang shoulders and scream "WHAT YA BLOODY DOIN' M8?"
Greg: What you bloody doing mate?
Craig: you wanna go mate?
Greg: yeah mate take you on mate!
by Greg the fart horse September 7, 2018
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1) Australian slang greeting between friends that is actually used quite often, although stereotype rejecting Australians claim we don't
2) A person you are very close to, whom they trust above all others. A person may only have one mate
1) G'day Mate

2) Person A: Mate did I tell you what that Sheila said to me yesterday?
Person B: Nah mate, here sit down and tell me over a beer
by Aina_Seraphim May 21, 2015
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The word "Mate" is a word commonly used in Britain, New Zealand and Australia. It is also used by ethnic communities in Britain such as the East Asian community (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka).

"Mate" is commonly spelled as "M8" in Text Language or LeetSpeak.
The word "Mate" can be used in a variety of ways, from greetings to flip-offs to sarcasm.

A week ago I was cycling home from work and this twat of a driver nearly knocked me off because he was desperately trying to get through the traffic lights. He called me a "Twat" and I shouted "Fuck off mate!" at him. This is just one example.

Here is a list of examples and situations in which "Mate" may be used:

Greeting: "Hello mate!"
Sarcasm: "Mate that was fucking orgasmic"
Endearment: "Mate you're a legend."
Flippancy: "Alright mate keep your hair on"
by Hen2 May 31, 2015
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Term Referring to two men going on a man date.
by Micokerts October 22, 2010
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a word that is commonly used by irish males,generally between the ages of twenty one up to the mid thirties.

it is a word that has only come to light over previous years,and is generally used when a male does not want to become very well attached to another individual (another male) ,often heard in the workplace,a bar,a nightclub,on a street corner,a pool hall,anywhere really.

The word "mate" is used in a completley different way from its use in Austrailia and new Zealand,and also Great Britain,and is not to be confused.

(chiefly used in the north/south dublin area,and its leafy suburbs)
"Alrite mate,whats the craic? you never got back to me."

"ah not much happenin' here,look mate,id better head off,im up to me eyeballs in work,seeya mate"

"whats the story mate? what were you doin' slackin' off work??"
by Roland808 January 27, 2009
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It is a Nickname For Daniel
Translation---ALRIGHT DANIEL!
by isuckyourtmother February 18, 2010
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Mate =Americans should not use this word EVER
by fuq u July 6, 2015
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