Any nice looking Plymouth Acclaim, Plymouth Duster, Plymouth Sundance, Dodge Spirit, Dodge Dynasty, Chrysler 5th Ave. Any car that is shaped like a box. Box car.
I'm chillin in my matchbox.

Gettin honeys in my matchbox.
by Isaiah Diggs February 11, 2008
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A three-some in the back of a car.
Guy 1: Dude I hooked up with Sarah and Kourtney in the back of my car lastnight!
by sliNKz & Donutsalesman November 30, 2010
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Definisjonen av noen som går på Matchbox
"Hei, alle Matchboxere"
by Dynasty420 January 23, 2019
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The act or the decision to use Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas harmonic octave in every day dialog.

Exact vocal pitch to all 90's alternative rock songs.
1)Zach-"iss three ay em I muss be loanleiiiiiiahhh

I said beaiibeeeahh"

Jav- Zach stop matchboxing I'm trying to go to bed man.

2) Jav- How does that 90s rock song go again?

Drew- I dont know man, try matchboxing it.. they all sound the same.
by Javi1 February 25, 2013
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Alternative Rock Band that are better together than apart.
Rob Thomas went solo and his first record wasnt even half of the sales of matchbox twentys first album.
by alliepop September 5, 2008
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An adult-alternative band of the late '90s and early '00s. The have had many chart topping hits such as "real World", "Push", "3 a.m.", "If You're Gone", and "Unwell". The band consists of Rob Thomas (vocals, piano, accoustic guitar), Kyle Cook (lead guitar, vocals), Paul Doucette (drums, percussion, vocals), Brian Yale (bass), and Adam Gaynor (rhythm guitar, vocals). The group formed in 1996, and they have released 3 albums to date. Rob Thomas, Brian Yale, and Paul Doucette were all previously in the band called Tabitha's Secret before they formed Matchbox 20.
Matchbox 20 is a very experienced band that has both meaningful lyrics and kick-ass shows.
by 1039smthdoutnessas July 23, 2005
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The 20th matchbox. Anyone who uses a lot of matchboxes will know that it is vital to number every single one. The 20th matchbox, though the same as all the others, is still a matchbox worth having it's own definition on the urban dictionary. Contrary to popular beleif there is absolutely no relation between the phrase matchbox 20 and the recording artists Rob Thomas, Kyle Cook and others.
OMG you stole matchbox 20!

what do you mean 'am i here for the matchbox 20 gig?'
by Abdullah7278 September 20, 2006
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