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Hottest, Gun-toting, tatted-down hardcore, seXXXy muthafuka EVER!
Did you see Masuimi on the cover of BMEzine this month? OMG she's so hot I wanna lick her!
by Freaky_Chicky February 06, 2004
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Masuimi Max is like a damn Goddess or something. Those bitches in Maxim don't got shit on her!
by 420Chris420 February 25, 2004
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1) Noun/ A singular entity of such high sexual intensity, that it attracts others whom cannot escape out of the lust horizon - analogous to the "black hole" in gravitational physics.

2) Adjective/ Nirvana, or the "reason for being" for certian articles of clothing made of latex, rubber, leather and PVC.
1/ Jim and Lisa just got sucked into that Masuimi.

2/ That PVC boot just reached a state of Masuimi.
by PVCMike July 22, 2004
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