A sexual desire for something. Usually it becomes an unhealthy obsession.
Marchello has a fetish for touching her skin!
by JRHU July 14, 2018
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A natural sexual desire to a certain object, being, feeling, body part, ect. Fetishes are a natural desire that are either already in the person's mindset or given to someone, usually by force or a sort of sexual trauma that causes the person to be into the certain type of fetish past they went through

Side note:Fetishes are a natural thing and its disrespectful to shame another for having one. they cant control that feeling most of the time. if you disagree, that's ok, but shame is awful
"Did you hear? Michael has a foot fetish?"

"I did"
by gloop man June 27, 2020
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a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc..
Cool Girl ~ Oh emm god, she has such a fetish for that pillow, shes literally carrying it around school, leik why though..?~
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1. A worshipped object that is usually believed to possess magical powers. Usually associated with shamans.

2. (The good one) A sexual fixation(s) that usually differs from those of the standard population. In other words, something (sometimes totally unrelated to sex) that turns you on and that isn't enjoyed by the majority of people.
Foot fetishes, Infantilism, Vore, Macro, Furry, Vampirism, Necro, Bondage, Sadism, Masochism, Slavery... The sky's the limit
by Banana Girl September 26, 2005
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An odd or strange sexual interest that is each individual may inhabit. Examples could include feet, torture, fat, furry, monkeys, falling down stairs, socks, and others.
I think Sam has a fetish for pain, we should probably leave him alone...
by NydriAyo May 14, 2018
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Something that it alright, but others not good, not good at all.
Person 1: I love boobs, thst is my fetish.
Person 2: I love that too Person one.
Furfag: I love nine year old male cubs enslaved in my fantasy dungon suffering while i raped them in the bungyhole with them drinking my urine and me howling at the basement lighting.
Person 2: .........
Person 1: Want to burn that bastard on a stake?
Person 2: Sure, Lets kill the disgusting pedophile.
Furfag: Wait, what no, i won't really do that NONONONONONO
by Hellbert jesushater May 14, 2019
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A new, broader spectrum, definition of a classically defined word.
A fetish in this case is one of two things;
Either, an enjoyment of any deviance from societies percieved normal, of any nature.
Or an over-enjoyment, over-indulgence in something which is widely accepted as a normal within defined limits.
Or an action which is performed above and beyond normally expected limits, in any circumstances.
Over-enjoyment "Dude, you like your new xbox 360 WAY too much, i didn't see it before, but you've got a fetish"
Action beyond normal limits "That was some FETISH goal man, screamer from way outside the box!!!"
Enjoyment of deviance "Marriage? at our age? You've got some kind of fetish for weddings!"
Over-indulgence "2 Tubs of Ben and Jerrys ice-cream straight!? You've got a fetish mate"
by BIG Dave ;) June 23, 2006
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