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Newspaper, motion pictures, radio, television, internet and magazines, all which have the technical capacity to deliver fucked up messages to people. Teenagers and children get alot of fucking messages from those baloney motion pictures and stupid television shows and the celebrity magazines. Adults usually get their information from the radio or newspaper which give them political and economic views. Everyone uses the internet for either school or work.
Teen 1: Hey dude didn't that movie show that there are alot of hot bitches in Los Angeles?
Teen 2: Yo, don't get your mind fucked up and get the wrong information by Mass Media.
by AdomC March 09, 2015
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Reason why women, democracy, freedom and loch ness monster are believed to exist.
Reasonable person: Obviously we have no democracy, its all mass media proaganda, elections are rigged
Hillary Clinton supporter: How you dare this country is built on lies you fucking motherfucking racist misogynist sexist anti-democracist anti-freedomist, you are ass-raped traitor and agent of Kremlinplaying into hands of Donald Trump, when our glorious CIA beloved and Pentagon cherished overlordess will come to power you will pay for your treason, we will fucking lock you up in guantanamo and waterboard you till you'll confess that you're mentally insane and all you said was a lie and no emails ever existed!
by 32121 August 07, 2016
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Media is large ass masses that can completely flood someone cuz it is so large.
by Anthony Frayn September 24, 2010
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