A tautology; the 'reason' is 'why'.
The reason why I'm a pretentious idiot is because I don't know how to think clearly.
by johnnydadda March 31, 2009
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A terrible show that portrays suicide as a quirky personality trait and extremely unlikable characters and tonnes of shitty teen drama
Teen girl:13 reasons why is a great show
Rational people:you clearly don’t have taste in shows
by Fuck13ReasonsWhy February 21, 2021
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the best show/book on planet earth. featuring hannah baker, a girl who committed suicide. the show explains why she did it using 13 tapes that she made.
"Did you watch 13 Reasons Why yet? you've got to, it's too good."
by alykatbro April 8, 2017
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The best show/book ever to be created. Also the biggest emotional rollercoaster you will ever ride with all its ups and downs you will definitely shed some tears and will want to rewatch it again and again.
"Man did you finish 13 reasons why, yet?"

" Yea after sitting on the bathroom floor crying i rewatched it for the second time."
by brezymcfezy April 8, 2017
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A Netflix original series which is based on a girl who committed suicide,whose name is Hannah Baker. Before she kills herself she leaves 13 tapes and each is about a person and why they made her kill herslef
Thirteen reasons why is my absolute favourite show, it really helps understand problems now in days while making it extremely intersecting
by Amazing1234444 April 14, 2017
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i swear to fucking jod if this guy in this discord group doesn't stop doing fucking morse code i am going to kill someone
by kitten of the east March 17, 2023
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